Writer and Artist - Lee J.Cross

An Illustrator, Storyboard Artist, Film-maker, drunkard and lover! These are some of the names Lee has been called over the years; the others cannot be repeated, published or spelled.

Editor - Brett Allen

A true member of London’s gentry, Brett is a man of fine character with a sensitive disposition. A Thespian and tortured Playwright, this clean living humanitarian is considered an all round good egg.

The STANLEY VASCO CASE FILES Issue#1 – THE EYE, Published through DESTINY BOOKS LTD 2017. All stories, characters and artwork are Copyright © Lee J. Cross. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any of the comic is strictly prohibited unless permission is given by either Destiny Books Ltd or the creators, except for review purposes, when no more than one page can be used. With thanks to BLAMBOT(WWW.BLAMBOT.COM) for permission to use fonts Digitalstrip, MondoBeyondo and ManEater. Published by DESTINY BOOKS LTD, East Sussex TN40 2NR. First Edition February 2017.

Dedicated to the memory of Robert Cross snr