#18 Dead End Page 12 Cheers!
2nd Jul 2020, 5:00 PM in Issue # 18
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#18 Dead End Page 12 Cheers!
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Author Notes:
Destiny Books
Well we're finally at the end of the Case Files run! A heartfelt thank you to all the readers for your support over the last three years.
After a little break I plan to release an In Brief story each month, to keep the world of Vasco alive. There will also be a completely different webcomic series under the Destiny Books banner to come. And there are also plans to release a new Stanley Vasco series at some point in the future, which will be a prequel and sequel to the Case Files and was actually written before the Case Files as a long form story. But as I said I'd like to play with some new characters in the meantime.
Once again thank you for your support and CHEERS! To you all.

All the best

Lee and Brett.
User comments:
Phoenix In Crisis
I'm glad it's not the absolute end! I love this comic!
Kudos to you for an excellent story!
Cheers and thank you for what you have and will give us to read.
Yeah what they ^^^ said !!